Grinnell Garden Cottages

Single Family Homes at Affordable Prices

Our garden cottage houses are designed to offer quality housing at prices that are affordable to middle income households. This pocket neighborhood will provide a truly neighborly environment to live in.


  • Knows their Neighbor
  • Shares the Common Green
  • Shares management responsibilities


  • Are friendly
  • Feel safe

1300 SF, 3 Bedroom, 1-Story Cottage

1650 SF, 3 Bedroom, 1 -1/2 Story Cottage

Garden Cottage Concept

  • Cottage Size

    2 and 3-bedroom, 1 and 1 ½ Story Single Family Homes on lots that face a common landscaped green

  • Home Owners Association

    Homes share common outdoor amenities, access, and servicing

  • Pricing

    Priced to sell from $189,000 to $279,000

  • Income Qualification

    Qualifying household incomes begin at approximately $45,000 HHI.

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100 Block of East Street in Grinnell, Iowa.